Why Are Combat Sports Beneficial?

We hear that sports are good for us and we strive to practise some of them, but we don’t really stop to wonder what about the sport in question makes it good for us. Some sports can indeed be good for us, while others are just good because someone else said so. This can be a problem, especially if we dive into a sport head first, not thinking about why we have begun to practise the said sport.

Combat sports are a different type of sports that we don’t often follow but when we do, we enjoy them. Combat sports are also beneficial for our health, even though they come with a bit of inherent risk. Here is why they are good for us.


Confidence is something that most people lack because they rarely find the courage or the guts to face their problems head on. We are thought to avoid problems and to run away from fights, but that is not a possibility sometimes.

Even when practising martial arts and combat sports, we are taught to run away from fights, so that we don’t get fatally injured. However, when you practise martial arts and combat sports, you get the benefit of fighting and practising fighting, which does wonders for our confidence. You can back away from actual fights, but face your fears head on, such as chatting up an attractive person or going to the dentist.


The ability to resist and do things that we find hard is one of the toughest skills to master, particularly in today’s world where mobile phones dominate our attention and always ask to be looked at. This is problematic, because we need discipline if we are to do anything worthwhile in life, from learning new skills to applying those skills.

Discipline is an integral part of any martial art and combat sport, there is no way around it. You have to practise discipline if you want to be a part of a club of dojo. In turn, discipline will give a lot back to you. 


Combat sports and martial arts promote exercise. You cannot expect to enter a dojo or a ring and to fight while being unfit. You will get tired in mere minutes and you will be out for the rest of the training session. Most martial arts and combat sports exercise routines are hard and tend to give your entire body an exercise. That is good in the short and long run. You will feel better, burn calories, but will eventually be stronger and more durable.

Martial arts and combat sports are good for us for the reasons mentioned above, but they also help us socialise, learn empathy, respect, as well as how to endure and go through hard times.

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