Top Sports in the UK

Every country has a plethora of sports that work for them. Not every country, however, has sports that are popular and competing all the time as the most popular sports. The UK is a special case where there are so many sports and all of them competing for the top ten most popular sports. 

However, like in most places in the world, some sports stay at the top and rarely move from there. You will not see football moving from the top of the list any time soon and that is a fact. 

With that, let us look at the most popular sports in the UK.


As was spoiled in the first part of the article, football is the most popular sport in the UK and rightfully so. It is also the most popular sport on the planet with an estimated 3.4 billion fans. That is such a huge number that it becomes difficult picturing it.

Anyway, the English Premier League is the world’s most popular league and its clubs also have fans worldwide. It comes as no surprise that football will be at the very top of most popular sports in the UK. football comes across as a fun and engaging sport. Be careful not to wander into a fan pub with the wrong colours.


This is the second most popular sport in the UK, believe it or not. It is also the second most popular sport in the world. This is not really a coincidence, but there is a reason for it, and that would be the sport’s popularity in India. Cricket is a loved sport in both the UK and India.

It is a rather slow sport and matches may last up to a couple of days, with breaks, of course. While strange to most non-cricket fans, it is still a great sport that many people get a kick out of. Some prefer it to football and love a more tactical approach and a slower game.


This is what most people overseas consider real football. Rugby Union is the most popular type of rugby in the UK and believe it or not, the third most popular sport. Rugby is fast paced and can be extremely hard to play and watch. There can be injuries and even more than in American football, because there is no protective gear for the head and torso. 


The majestic sport of tennis comes in fourth, a sport that is considered a gentleman’s sport and it is, to an extent. Tennis players often have lots of respect for one another and England is home to one of the most sacred Grand Slams in tennis, Wimbledon. Every tennis player wants to win at Wimbledon and every tennis fan wants to spectate Wimbledon live. 

These are the current most popular sports in the UK. The order of these sports is not likely going to change anytime soon. There are more sports that are popular, but these four stand above the rest, clearly.

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